The Midtown Ventura Community Council will hear presentations on solutions for solving homelessness, the timeline for resurfacing Loma Vista Road and St. Bonaventure High School’s efforts to correct an administrative error on its conditional use permit.stbonnie

The meeting is Thursday at 7 pm in Cooper Hall at Grace Church, 65 MacMillan Drive.

Leading off the presentations is about homelessness and how it is being addressed by Ventura and other local cities. Tara Carruth, who works with homeless programs at the County of Ventura, will provide an overview of services and challenges in ending homelessness.

St. Bonaventure High School Principal Marc Groff will discuss the school’s efforts to modify its Conditional Use Permit regarding hours of operation. Groff said the issue dates back to the construction of a two-story classroom building in the late 1990s and the school hours of 8 am to 2:40 pm were listed on the permit. However, the school has academic and athletic activities that go into the evening, Groff said.

Loree Pryce, City of Ventura Design and Construction Manager, will be addressing the street paving project on Loma Vista Road currently underway. The roadway from Main Street to Mill Road will be resurfaced over the next month.

The Ventura Police Department will give a brief update on any crime issues in Midtown Ventura.