ThompsonDesignCheck out plans for a 29-unit housing project on Thompson Boulevard at the Midtown Ventura Community Council meeting on Thursday.

Developer Craig Mattey will present the project planned for a vacant lot at 1570 Thompson Boulevard near Chrisman Avenue in Midtown Ventura. The project was previously approved in 2006 and has since undergone significant revisions.

The meeting starts at 7 pm in Cooper Hall at Grace Church, 65 MacMillan Ave.

Thursday night’s meeting will also include an update by Ventura Water on resident’s conservation efforts and how the city’s water supply is holding up during the five-year drought. The Ventura Police Department will discuss crime trends they are seeing in Midtown.

The project on Thompson Boulevard went before the Design Review Committee in September and the board recommended some changes but did not formally vote on the project. The development is on 1.6 acres consisting of nine row house units, 13 courtyard housing units and seven front yard houses.

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