A big change is coming to the Ventura City Council elections which will be the main focus of the Midtown Ventura Community Council meeting this Thursday, November 9.

DistrictBaseThe City Council has decided to implement District elections in response to threatened litigation. City Attorney Greg Diaz will be at our meeting to explain why this is happening and how it will be implemented.

This process is on a very fast track to try to limit expensive litigation in which all other cities that have challenged the lawsuits have lost incurring expensive legal costs. There are many facets to this change, one being that citizens will only get to vote for one council person every four years.

You can participate by submitting a proposed District map by November 17, 2017; see how to do this on the City’s website here. Additional City Council public hearings will be held Dec. 4, and Dec. 11.

The meeting starts at 7 pm in Cooper Hall, adjacent to Grace Church, at 65 MacMillan Avenue.